Photography that’s as individual as you are


Photography by Bethan Waygood is about capturing those moments in time. It’s creative, reflecting who you really are, how you feel and emphasing the closeness of relationships between family and friends.

Contemporary Lifestyle Photography is without the limitations of a studio - it’s so much more, you will experience and see the difference straight away. Every shoot with Bethan is designed to be an event in itself, with expressions, emotions and personalities being captured spontaneously in natural light. There is no posing for the camera with forced smiles – Bethan captures people as they really are, in moments of joy, reflection and surprise.

Bethan recognises just how important it is not to miss those precious, unguarded moments in a person’s life, and she’ll take the time to capture these. As a mum she is only too familiar with those necessary snack and comfort breaks – not to mention the odd tantrum – or two!! This all adds to the unpredictable fun that a photo shoot should be. Whether joyous, lost in thought, or just daydreaming, every image tells its own story...